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What are the Hull Employability Awards?

Whilst at university, you are gaining skills from every area of your life. You are constantly developing as a person, but do you know how to talk about your knowledge and experience in an interview or how to describe it in a job application? The Hull Employability Awards are here to help!

It is never too early to start thinking ahead to life after your studies and as a University of Hull student you are eligible to start working towards a Hull Employability Award - an additional award from the University that endorses your employability and will help you to stand out from the crowd. As well as being a fantastic addition to your CV, working on your Award will help you to articulate the skills you develop on your journey towards becoming a 'distinctive Hull graduate'.

There are four
Hull Employability Awards

Your student journey is unique and there are four awards to reflect that. Each award recognises a particular area of strength and has different characteristics.



Students who achieve the Civic and Social Responsibility Award will demonstrate active participation in their local communities and society as a whole. These students will be able to demonstrate supporting a positive impact on society at a local or national level.



Students who achieve the Leadership Award will demonstrate a significant number of instances where they have organised a group of people to achieve a common goal. These students will have provided guidance, direction and support, and shown evidence of responsibility.



Students who achieve the Global Citizenship Award will be able to demonstrate an awareness and recognition of their place within a global community. These students will promote and embody a broad, culturally inclusive view as an active citizen of the world.



Students who achieve the Entrepreneurship Award will demonstrate their capacity and willingness to develop, organise and manage projects or ventures. These students will be able to demonstrate innovation and the ability to take risks, but also a high level of problem-solving.

Who can apply for an Award?

We welcome University of Hull students from all programmes to take part in the Hull Employability Awards! From foundation year to PhD, whether you are undergraduate or postgraduate, full-time or part-time, Hull or Scarborough based – we encourage you to get involved.

Meet some of this year’s Award recipients and see what they have to say about their experience with us:


It’s not just about getting your Award – it’s also about how you develop as a person along the way

Increased Confidence/

We help you to recognise your successes and articulate your skills

Learn New Skills/

Attend workshops to learn or improve upon a wide range of skills

Develop Contacts/

Work with the careers and employability service to meet future employers

/Be Reflective

We help you to reflect on your university experiences in order to learn for the future


Develop a CV, attend a mock interview and complete our ‘application-style’ skills questions


Receive your certificate and meet our staff and students at our yearly celebration event

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You can find us in the Careers and Employability Service which is on the top floor of the Students’ Union building.